Welcome Owners and Managers!

Thanks so much for coming to check out my latest posts. I will be posting more here shortly, but in the meantime contact me if you have not already so we can either discuss what I can offer you via phone or in person.

I have been photographing since 2015 and have been conscious of local business for much longer than that. I was a product of a small town and always enjoy a fresh atmosphere every time I walk into a small business. It starts with the atmosphere and smell, and then it’s the people. Although, your people can make any atmosphere great! That’s what I enjoy about your small business. Your business is authentic and refreshing to come into.

I have attached a latest post from a local restaurant in Dekalb, IL that really is a great example of the small town restaurant feel. The Junction Restaurant in Dekalb is a great place to eat at.

Imagine being able to reach 200+ potential customers with this type of post and do that just with 50 people each month = 1,000 impressions. This not only gets people talking about your business, but brings them in! If 10 extra people come into your restaurant and they spend $30.00 on average. That’s $300.00 grossed. If we get them to come in once a month to dine or eat out. That’s a whole lot of money! Would love to help your business and family out!

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