Devon Buse Owner

About Rapid Biz Solutions

Hi, I am Devon Buse, Owner at Rapid Biz Solutions where we focus on creating digital solutions to save you time so that you can get back focusing on what you do best.

We can do just about anything marketing related, but our most prized services are VIP clubs and customer list reactivations.

Some of our other services that we provide are: Website Design, Graphic Design, Photography, Videography, Customer ordering Apps, Customer Resource Management (CRM) setup + Management.  And the list goes on…

We find that social media posting needs to be unique to you and your business.  That means, nothing but customized content that people can get to know, love and share your business.  Which is why we see many successful owners either hiring someone close (like us), hiring someone internally, or doing it themselves (if they have the know-how and time).

The best service that I know all businesses need is a Client Resource Management (CRM) tool.  A lot of businesses are understanding that a list of phone numbers with a message is a powerful tool to bring in current customers.  Use something like a birthday club and tie that into paid advertisement with organic reach and you are likely to see a good return.

About Devon Buse, Owner

Devon Buse graduated with an Industrial Engineering Degree at SIU Carbondale and is an NIU graduate of Journalism.

Before coming to NIU, he was in the Army for 4 years where he was a Chaplain Assistant.  His main duty station was Fort Hood, TX and served for 7 months in South Korea (the real duty station and mountain range where the TV show M.A.S.H. is based on).

He enjoys the beach, playing Frisbee golf, golf, ultimate Frisbee and dancing.

He stands behind this statement: At Rapid Biz Solutions we focus on delivering tangible results.