What are we about?

We are about you!

We love delivering results for local brick and motor industries in the Dekalb area. Some of our clients include restaurants, Caf├ęs, general contractors, and lawyers.

The 3 Steps to Becoming a Client

  1. We setup a 15-min consultation: We start off with determining what you want to happen. Do you want more customers/Clients? Do you want to increase frequency of your customers? Do you want more brand awareness (impressions and exposure)? Do you want more people talking about your business? If it’s a good fit, we schedule a 1 hour consolation.
  2. 1 hour complementary consultation call/meeting – We schedule a 1 hour call to understand how you do business and whether or not we are a good fit.
  3. We Setup your Campaign/Website and update as needed.

The services we offer are:


  •  Website SEO (search engine optimization) or Google search results.
  • Google Maps 3-Pack (or Google My business) . This is where we create and optimize your google listing for best search results. Only top 3 are displayed when searching for restaurant near me, all others are below the fold and are less likely to be found. If you are are local business, this is a necessity!


  • Website Design – We design your website to your specifications.

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