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Our small business clients have reduced their stress in “trying to figure it all out.”

Websites designed to convert, not leave your pockets empty.

As a Marketing Agency in DeKalb County, we help small business like yours be able to manage your business without the stress. Leave us to do the tech, so you can stress less. Ergo, we do website design, converting customers, paid advertising, and other services to make your life easier in the process. So there is no need to know the details, just know that we have your back.

Our core focus is web development and design, because it’s something that works well and our clients own. There is nothing like knowing that our clients have a reliable media source to use.

We also like knowing that we have kept a client because we are doing a great job at helping them with their business solutions.

We want our clients to come back to us month and month because we are giving them a solution to solve their problems. Whether it’s bring an existing customer through the door (6x easier than getting a new one), getting a new client through the door, or saving them a headache on their website design.

Have more ways to attract more customers.

Scenario: Your business is slow on a Tuesday. You send out a text to your list of 100 and you have 5 more people coming into your business. Now imagine if you have a list of 1,000. You get 20-30 more people into your business that day. Now, imagine what changes could be made to better your business with the extra income?

Good marketing builds community.

For instance, we have grown multiple 1,000+ communities on Facebook. You can learn more about utilizing our communities by joining the FB Business Owner’s Group above.

Tips on Picking a Marketing Agency

Whether you decide to go with us or not, we wanted to make sure you know what to look out for in a Marketing Agency. So we have included a few tips to help keep you informed.

Tip 1: An agency is going to put your business needs above their own. They are not going to lay out a plan without first learning about your business and what your business needs. You may need a little or you may need a lot. A good Marketing Agency is going to put your needs first.

Tip 2: Some marketing agencies overpromise the moon and back. If they say you are going to get x results in x time, it might be a good time to see it in writing. Also, it might be good to consult a lawyer.

If they say you will rank page 1 on Google in 1-2 months, then they are likely overpromising. Because, it could take 1 month or up to 9 months to get to the top 3 spots on Google depending on the difficulty of the keywords that they are trying to rank for.

Tip 3: Always see what they are going to do for you when presented with a contract. Our agency is upfront with you about what we are going to do along with a timeline of when things are going to get accomplished. As we want to ensure you are not left in the dark whether it’s website design, Facebook Ads, or working on getting you a top spot on Google.

If you’d like to learn more about how we can help your business, give us a call today.

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What Makes us Different?

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We love helping out our small business in DeKalb County and other business around the globe. There are various avenues we can take to help you scale your business and it starts with a Discovery Call.