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Facebook and Instagram Marketing

We understand that you may not have the time to focus on your Facebook or Instagram posting, so that's why we create and manage it for you.

We work with you to create a campaign that is designed to get more people seeing and talking about your business.

We build and design your content calendar based on your business model.

This includes (15min) weekly meetings.

Starting price for Facebook Posting and Content creation starts at $495.00/mo


Website SEO (search engine optimization) or Google search results.
Google Maps 3-Pack (or Google My business) . This is where we create and optimize your google listing for best search results. Only top 3 are displayed when searching for restaurant near me, all others are below the fold and are less likely to be found. If you are are local business, this is a necessity!

Google SEO Varies but we ask for a 3 month commitment as it usually will take that long for optimal results. Starting at $700.00/mo but can go up based on competition.


Website Design – We design your website to your specifications. We start with the intent and how you want to use your website. Then we find a design that will fit that model. Because we serve mostly small business in and around DeKalb County our prices start off at $300.00 + $20.00 monthly hosting and can go up from there depending on how many number of pages you want. We also offer security, maintenance and backup solutions for an additional $97.00/mo. so that your website is full functioning and ready to take on customers 24/7.

We Transform Your Vision into Creative Results

We at Rapid Biz Solutions are creating success stories for the DeKalb County and surrounding area. 

We first focus in delivering results in the areas that increases your bottom line. We offer the following services: Website Ranking or Search Engine Optimization(SEO),Facebook Posting, and website design.

We are about creating successful campaigns. We do split test so that your advertising dollars are well spent!


Rapid Business Solutions
Boost your Success

We are about creating successful solutions for your business!

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Rapid Biz Solutions Marketing Agency

We love delivering results for local brick and motor industries in the Dekalb area. Most of our clients include restaurants, but we also assist other businesses.

We help you acquire more customers, get your existing customers to come in, and build your brand.


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